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  Due to the overwhelming success we had with our New Years  campaign, we will continue to offer our hypnosis sessions for $99.00. 

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We offer remote sessions via Skype, Zoom, and Facetime.

Meditation Class NJ

Find Your Balance

Your First Visit At Our New Jersey Meditation Center?

Your first visit will be a consultation to find out where you are right now and how you feel that you have arrived there. Then Debbie will ask you to honestly tell yourself where you want to be. Together we will devise a plan with the amounts of visits we will have together to meet your goals through meditation. You will reach real goals and have real results. You will have for yourself a time and space that you have personally created each day to give to yourself the nurturing and healing you need.

Find Your Inner Calm

At Acorn Holistics, the paths of Hypnosis, Meditation, or Crystal Healing will all Transform Your Life and
lead you down the path to Inner Calm. Inner Calm is the place you have been searching for all of your
life. You feel full of stress, deadlines, and anxiety. You feel that you are out of control of your life,
future, relationships, and weight. You may have habits you want to free yourself of like smoking.
Contact us for a complimentary phone consultation to personally tailor a program to bring you into
balance and find your Inner Calm


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Create A Personalized Plan

What To Expect From Our Meditation Classes NJ

During this first visit you will have your first Meditation session. You will get to personally feel what a session can do for you. We will talk after your meditation to discuss what you have experienced and how you feel. It is through this first experience that Debbie will devise a personalized plan for you to transform your life through Meditation.

Meditate In A Comfortable Environment


Meditation Class NJ

Our Instructors Have Over 32 Years Of HealthCare Experience


Unlock Your Full Potential


Set Yourself Free

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