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As Co-Owners, Bruce and Debbie have brought their combined 67 years of healthcare experience to Acorn Holistics.

67 Years Of Healthcare Experience


Certified Hypnotists


Meditation Instructor

Our Vision

Our vision was born out of the necessity to find ways to complement and augment traditional medicine to help Debbie to recover from two spinal fusions and a lifetime of debilitating migraines. Through our research, Debbie primarily focused on Meditation, and Bruce primarily focused on becoming a Hypnotist. The process culminated with Debbie training and becoming a Meditation Instructor, and both Bruce and Debbie becoming Certified Consulting Hypnotists. As a result, at Acorn Holistics we provide Hypnosis, Meditation Instruction and Crystal Therapy. We partner with you to develop with an alternative plan to conquer issues such as weight loss, anxiety, and chronic pain. Our services are not a replacement for traditional medicine. We want you to take advantage and explore all traditional medicine avenues available to you. Our services are meant to support you through your journey and offer you a means to be in control of your body and your life.

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